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Nam Prik Mae Lek (Subin) started from Grandma Lek's passion for healthy and delicious Thai foods. Grandma Lek loved to cook for her grandchildren. The words spread, and she was suggested to open her own chili paste shop. With that, in 1964 Nam Prik Mae Lek (Subin) was born. A small shop in Nakhon Pathom market, selling chili pastes and fresh vegetables for locals. Nam Prik Mae Lek (Subin) is committed to sustainable farming and natural ingredients, while offering low prices for customers.
Nam Prik Mae Lek (Subin) has been flourishing in the lively Nakhon Pathom neighborhood for over 50 years. It has since passed down to Mae Lek's grandchild, Suvit Phaopat. Suvit shares his grandma's love for unique handcrafted chili pastes with the traditional taste of original Thai. Today Nam Prik Mae Lek (Subin) offers 18 varieties of chili paste and curry paste.
Mae Lek (Subin)'s vision is not just focus on profits BUT to make it possible for everyone to enjoy delicious high quality chili pastes at the low price; to provide jobs for locals and enhancing workers' quality of life; and to use sources all of its ingredients locally as possible

Nam Prik Mae Lek (Subin) was OTOP 5 stars in 2547.

Nam Prik Mae Lek (Subin) received wisdom  Thailand.

Food production license

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